Ready for Drop Off

You've priced, you've entered, you've tagged, you've conquered that!!  Now it's time to get ready for drop off!  The following checklist will help you prepare for your scheduled drop off!

  • All infant and child size clothing size 5 and smaller MUST be placed on a child size hanger.
  • Use adult hangers for size 6 and up. Some size 6 items may need to be on a child hanger if the adult hanger is too big.
  • All pants MUST be safety pinned to the top two bars of the size appropriate hanger.  We will accept (although we do not recommend) the "clip" pant hangers.  We will not accept the pant hangers that you "slide" the pants into.
  • All clothing including onesies, sleepers, infant pants etc. must be hung on a hanger.  We will not accept clothing in bags.
  •  All clothing is hanging so that the hanger forms a “?” as you are looking at it from the front.
  • All blankets crib sized and smaller MUST be hung and pinned to a hanger.
  • All crib size bedding sets MUST be hung and pinned to a hanger.
  • All sizing markers on hangers are marked off with permanent marker.
  • All tags are placed in the upper right hand of clothing (as you are looking at the front of the item) or if you are using a tagging gun, the price is attached to the tag in the collar or under the right arm (as you are looking at it).
  • All clothing is organized by size and gender, if also selling online the size and gender groups need to be in numerical order.
  • All bags are securely taped closed so that pieces do not become separated.
  • All pieces and parts are securely fastened together so that they do not become separated.
  • All battery operated items have working batteries… we will be checking before placing on the sales floor.  The dollar store sells cheap batteries if you need some.
  • If you bring your items to drop off before completing these final preparations, please be prepared to spend a few extra minutes at drop off to make sure your items meet the above checklist!
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