Pricing Your Items

How do I price my items?  This is one of the most common questions.  There are many factors you should consider:  condition, original price, brand name of item, is it brand new with the tags still on, etc.  Generally speaking, price your items 1/4 to a 1/3 of the original retail price.  Obviously, an outfit from Target would be priced less than an outfit from Gymboree.  One question that some of our most successful sellers have used to price their items is, “What would I pay for this at the sale?”


You will also want to consider the size.  Infant clothing up to and including size 2T should be priced lower due to higher supply than demand. We receive several thousand clothing items in size Preemie to 24 months alone.  Larger, outside toys are typically in high demand and generally bring in a percentage of the retail price.  If the item is new with tags (NWT), it can typically be priced about 40% of the retail price.  If you can’t remember what you originally paid an item, go to the stores website to check the price.


Remember, you will also have the opportunity to participate in the half price sale on the last day of the sale.  You can select which items you would like to offer at half price when using the software to create your tags.  Items you do not wish to offer at half price will remain on the sales floor during the entire sale.  Please note:  If you forget to check the half price box, you will need to go back into your Seller’s account, check the half price box and reprint your tag.  We cannot accept any tags that have hand writing on the tags. 

Pricing Suggestions
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