Entering & Tagging Your Items

The first time you are entering and tagging your items may seem a bit overwhelming.  Here are a few strategies our seasoned sellers have shared with us on how they enter and tag their items!   Of course, some of these strategies can be combined.  If you come up with one we haven't shared, please let us know!  We are always looking for new ideas to pass along!



The Enter It All then Tag It All Strategy:

Enter all your items into your seller account first.  Once everything is entered then and only then do sellers print their tags!!  TIP:  Keep all your items in the order you entered them.  This is how you tags will print and it will make tagging so much easier!!

The One Box at a Time Strategy:

Only enter one box/tub at a time.  Print your tags and tag these items.  Once this box/tub is completely done, start on the next one!  TIP: It's easier to enter if you keep your boxes/tubs organized by size and gender.


The Procrastinator Strategy:

Wait until the very last day to register as a seller.  Enter all you items after the kids go to bed knowing you work best under pressure with the deadline quickly approaching at 11:59pm that night!  TIP:  Don't worry about getting your tags printed.  You can do that after the item entry deadline!  (Note:  This is one of the more popular strategies!!)


The Over Achiever Strategy:

Have all your items cleaned, organized, hung and packaged before seller registration opens.  Register the moment seller registration opens and begin entering your items immediately!  TIP:  Check your closets again.  You will almost always find one you forgot to look in and find more items to enter!


The Late Night/Nap Time Strategy:

Enter a few items every time the kids take a nap or go to bed.  TIP:  Combining this with the One Box at a Time Strategy works great!


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