Supply Checklist

To prepare your item for the sale, you will need a few supplies to get your items ready for the sale. 


1. Hangers 


Please use appropriate size hangers for clothing or your items will not be placed on the sales floor.  All child size clothing up to and including size 5 MUST be on child size hangers.  Use adult size hangers on clothing size 6 and up.  PLEASE NOTE:  You may need to use a child size hanger on some size 6 clothing if the adult hanger is too large.   Wire hangers work the best.  If you use plastic hangers, please use a permanent marker to mark out all sizing markers.  Do not use the pants hangers with clips.  Pants MUST be pinned to the top part of the hanger.  See Preparing Your Items  or watch the "How To" Videos for more details. 


2.  Safety Pins


3.  Card Stock


4.  Large and small clear bags (to secure loose items)


5.  Tape


6.  Tagging guns are optional but very helpful if you are selling a lot of clothes!


7.  Ribbon or zip ties are helpful securing items together!


8.  Cleaning supplies


9.  Scissors or paper cutter


10.  Hole punch

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