What is The Big Red Wagon?

Take your Shopping to a New Level.  Treat yourself to an online consignment event from the comfort of your home. Quality Product at Consignment Prices. The Big Red Wagon an AWARD WINNING Brick and Mortar Consignment Event turned Online Shopping experience. You will be able to Shop Hundreds of Thousands of brand name NEW and like new Maternity, Baby, Kid, Teen, Womens and Homegoods items all at tremendous savings.



How it works as a Seller:

Selling your stuff with The Big Red Wagon is simple!  Gather all the new or like new things your kids, (baby to teen) have outgrown or no longer use.  Don't forget to include Maternity, Womens, Mens and Homegoods items as well!  As a Seller, you will be assigned your own unique seller account.  You will Drop your items off during your scheduled drop off appointment and that’s it!  For full details, visit our Seller Info section here:  Seller Info



Here are few other seller highlights:

  • Earn up to 80% of your total sales.
  • Track your sales each day.
  • There is no limit to the amount of good conditioned items you can sell.
  • You choose either to have a check mailed or Virtual Deposit.


How it works as a Shopper:

At The Big Red Wagon sales you will find a huge selection of brand name NEW and like new maternity, baby, kid, teen, Womens, Mens and Homegoods items all at a fraction of retail. The E-Commerce Online Virtual Shopping Catalog is organized by size, gender, and category.  New items will be added to the catalog daily, so check back often.  One thing you can count on is the quality of the items.  We check every item that is brought in and do our best to prevent items not meeting our quality control standards from being placed into the catalog.  Extra precautionary measures for Shoppers.  DUE to COVID-19 All products that are coming in will have been sanitized. There will be no shoppers in the Warehouse meaning no hands have touched the product besides those of the person preparing your order. All items can be picked up with FREE Curbside Pick-up. The items will be loaded into our car without you ever having to get out.  The Warehouse is located in Medina, OH.  Don't live nearby?  No problem. There is a shipping option if you choose to not do curbside pick-up. There is a 7-day return policy to ensure that you are satisfied with everything you decided to order online. All Major Credit Cards/Paypal/Venmo are accepted.  Be the first to know when new items are in the catalog by registering for the Store Newsletter.  The Newsletter will also include exclusive coupons.  Register today:  Newsletter Registration

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