Entering Your Items

  1. Select the sale location in which you would like to participate in from the "Sale Locations" tab.
  2. If you have not registered as a Seller you will need to do this first.
  3. Log into your Seller Account.
  4. Click on “Work with Consigned Inventory” on the bottom left. 
  5. Click on “Work with My Consigned Items” on the top.
  6. Now you are ready to being entering your items. 
  7. Select “Category”
  8. Select “Size” – if appropriate
  9. Enter a Description
  10. Enter a Price
  11. If you want to discount your item to be part of the ½ price sale, check the “Discount” box.
  12. If your item does not sell and you want to donate it after the sale, click “Donate”.  You will be sent an itemized list of all donated items along with a donation letter from the charity we are working with.
  13. Once you are finished, click on “I’m finished for now.”



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