Donating Your Items

As a Seller, you will be able to donate your unsold items or pick them up at the end of the sale.  The Big Red Wagon works with charities to donate the items that have been marked “Donate.”  If you choose to donate, we will send you an itemized list of all the items you donated with a donation letter from the charity for your tax records.  This letter will either be mailed with your check within 5 business days after the sale or emailed to you depending on the sale location.  If you marked your items for donate, you will be able to print an itemized donation report through your seller account.


If you decided to donate your items after the sale without marking your items for donate, that is fine.  However, you will not be able to print an itemized donation report through your seller account.  You will recieve a donation letter for your tax records.  This also applies if you forget to pick up your items.   


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