Tagging Your Items

  1. Register as a Seller.  Follow the “How to Enter Your Items and Print Tag Instructions” for step by step directions.
  2. You may enter your items all at once or over a period of different days. Please check the sale info page for the item entry deadline.
  3. Use one tag per item.  Do not print one tag and then make copies on a copier for your additional items.  Enter each item and the software will create a unique tag for every item you are selling.  This will allow you to track all of your sold items, unsold items, what sold at half price, & total sales.
  4. You may print tags anytime up to the sale.
  5. Your tags will look similar to the tag at the right.  The black dot means Donate and “Reduce” above the price indicates that the item will be part of the half price sale.
  6. If you would like to sell your items during the half price sale or donate your unsold items, you must check the appropriate boxes in the software.  We cannot accept any tags with hand written information on them.  The scanners will not recognize hand written information.

Printing Tags

Use 60-67# white or pastel cardstock paper.  Please DO NOT use dark colored, multicolored, or patterned paper.



Clothing – Using Safety Pins

Safety pin the tag on the upper right side of each item.  Do not use straight pins.

DO NOT place the barb into the clothing as shown in this picture. It will damage the clothing.

Clothing – Using a Tagging Gun

If you would like to use a tagging gun, that is fine too.  Be sure to watch the "How To" Video before you begin tagging.

  • Please be sure to insert the tagging needle into the tag on the in the top of the shirt or pants (shown here). 
  • If there is no tag, insert the needle under the right arm of the shirt or the right seam of the pants.  The key is placing it on the top right of the item.  You’ll have to use your best judgment as you do not want to put a hole in the item.  It’s good to keep some safety pins on hand if you plan on using the tagging gun!
  • ONLY place the tag through a seam or into a tag in the collar or waistband.  DO NOT insert the tagging gun needle through the material of the item.  IT WILL put a hole in the item!

Items in Ziploc Bags

You can tape your tags to the inside or outside of the bag as long as they are secured.  Do not staple the tag to the item. 



Attach the price tag to the BACK of the book.  We recommend that you place books into a Ziploc bag.  Many shoppers have commented they will not purchase books with price tags attached to the front cover because it will damage the book when removed. Do not staple the tag to the item. 


Toys with Accessories

Securely tape your tag to the toy in a visible place. If you have a larger item (ex: a kitchen with accessories), place the accessories in a bag and write your seller number and item number on the bag, then securely attach the bag to the kitchen.  Do not staple the tag to the item.

Please Note:  If an item does not have a tag, it will not be sold.  It will be placed in the lost and found area at the sale.  If an item is not claimed, it will be donated after the sale.


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