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How it works as a Seller:

Selling your stuff with The Big Red Wagon is simple!  Gather all the new or like new things your kids, (baby to teen) have outgrown or no longer use.  Don't forget to include Maternity, Womens, and Homegoods items as well!  As a Seller, you will be assigned your own unique seller account.  You will Drop your items off during your scheduled drop off appointment and that’s it!



Here are few other seller highlights:

  • Earn up to 80% of your total sales.
  • Track your sales each day.
  • There is no limit to the amount of good conditioned items you can sell.
  • You can choose to either have a check mailed or picked up in person, if wanting a virtual deposit there will be a small fee.


Two Options to Become a Seller

  1. A Seller who will Enter their own inventory
  2. A Seller who will just Drop Items off


Here is a Short Video on Becoming a Seller:  Becoming a Seller


Seller Guidelines if entering your own items


Sign up to get seller account


$10 Registration Fee


You will be assigned your own unique seller account where you will enter and price each item you would like to sell.


Earn 65%-80% on your sales


You choose if you want your items to be part of both the in-person and Online Events.  If choosing to participate in the Online event you will need to take your own pictures.  If you are doing the in-person only event no pictures are required.


Use our software program The Big Red Wagon Entry which would be provided to you.  Video on entry here:  Entering Items through The Big Red Wagon Entry System.  Very quick and easy :)


Tag Items your items


Drop the items off to us.  We handle everything else.


Volunteer Shifts to earn a higher percentage on sales.  Refer a friend to earn higher percentage on sales.


All clothing items do need to be on hangers.


Track purchases as they sell


Checks are ready within 5 business days after each event is complete.  You can choose to pick up your check, have it mailed, or have virtual deposit for a small fee.


In-Person Events are held every other month.  Once you tag your items you can participate in any or all of the events.  No additional fee required to participate.  You can add inventory for each event and just continually do drop offs on open drop off dates.  Drop off dates are held 1-2 weeks before the In-Person events.


Seller Guidelines for “Drop-Only” Program


Sign Up to get Seller Account


$10 Registration Fee


Drop your items off to us


Earn 50% No entering, no tagging


We choose the prices


Track purchases as they sell


No hangers necessary for this option


*For both options you can continually have your items in our catalog until you no longer wish to sell

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