Preparing Your Items

These instructions are very specific.  Please understand that these are in place to help you sell your items.  Due to the number of clothing items we receive, items must meet these guidelines to be accepted.


You may tape over the entire tag to secure it to the item.  We recommend securely taping the tags to the inside of the bags so they do not become detached from the item. 


The better they look, the better they sell, the more you make!!  Please take time to wash and iron your items if necessary.  Please remember that we will not accept items with stains, odors of any kind, broken zipper, missing buttons, etc. 


Please be sure to watch the "How To" Videos for more detailed instructions!


The following guidelines will help you prepare your items for the sale:

Hang items with hanger hook pointing to the left. (Like a ?)

Hanging Your Clothes

  1. ALL CLOTHING MUST BE ON HANGERS.  If it is new and in a bag, attach the bag to a hanger!
  2. Use plastic or wire coated hangers. 
  3. Sizes Infant – 5:  Use child size hangers.
  4. Size 6 and up – Maternity:  Use adult hangers.  Some size 6 items may need to be on a child hanger if the adult hanger is too big.
  5. Hang items with hanger hook pointing to the left.  (Like a ?)
  6. ONLY use safety pins to pin clothes to hanger.  No straight pins, staples, binder clips or clothes pins.
  7. Pants, shorts, skirts, etc. – Safety pin to the top of the hanger (hanging straight down). Do not fold them over the hanger. Do not pin them to the bottom of the hanger.   See the How-To Video.
  8. Sets – Hang shirt and safety pin pants to back of hanger. See the How-To Video.
  9. Sets with other accessories (ex:  hats, socks, bows, etc) – place in Ziploc bag and pin to back of hangers.
  10. If you use plastic hangers from a store for shirts, please use a permanent marker to mark out the size on the hanger (even if it corresponds correctly).




We will only accept like-new shoes that are in excellent condition.  Please put shoes in appropriate sized Ziploc bag.  If shoes do not fit into a Ziploc bag, please use a zip tie or ribbon to secure them together so the do not get separated. Securely attach the price tag.  If shoes are new in box, please follow these same instructions and be sure to attach the tag to the shoes and not the box.  Do not attach the price tag using staples or straight pins.


Blankets & Crib Size Bedding Sets

All crib size blankets and smaller MUST be hung. Pin blankets over the hanger so shoppers can easily see them.  If they are small receiving blankets, pin 2 or 3 together on the hanger!  It will help them sell better.  Safety pin tags to the upper right corner with the hanger open to the left like a question mark (?).  Do not attach the price tag using staples or straight pins.



Attach the price tag to the BACK of the book.  We recommend that you place books into a Ziploc bag.  Many shoppers have commented they will not purchase books with price tags attached to the front cover because it will damage the book when removed.   Do not attach the price tag using staples or straight pins.


Toys/Furniture/Baby Equipment

  • Make sure all items are VERY CLEAN and working properly. 
  • Any battery operated item must have working batteries. 
  • Small parts should be in Ziploc bags, sealed with clear packing tape and securely attached to the main part.  Write your seller number and item number on the package.  It will not sell if parts get separated.
  • All puzzles, toys, games, etc. must have all pieces.  Tape game boxes shut.  Securely Saran Wrap puzzles or place in a large Ziploc bag to keep all pieces together. 
  • Do not attach the price tag using staples or straight pins.
  • NOTE:  We will only accept battery operated stuffed animals and stuffed animals that are new with tags in original packaging.   WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ITEMS NOT PACKAGED PROPERLY. 

 Loose Items

Bibs, bottles, socks, bows, etc. must be grouped together in Ziploc bags.  Securely attach the price tag. Do not attach the price tag using staples or straight pins.  PLEASE NOTE:  All clothing items must be on hangers.  This includes onesies, sleepers, infant pants, etc.


Items with Multiple Pieces in Multiple Bags

If you have items with multiple pieces, please secure everything together.  If there are multiple bags you are securing together, place the price tag on one of the pieces and write your Seller number and Item Number on the other bags.  This helps to prevent items from becoming separated. 

Organizing Your Clothes Before Drop Off

We require that all clothing be separated and organized by size and gender prior to your drop off appointment.  If this is not done prior to drop off, we will ask you to take the time to organize your items prior to leaving.  Here are two samples of how sellers have organized their items prior to their scheduled drop off appointment!

Tie hangers with like sizes and gender together and place in size order!
Place like sizes and gender in bags and label the bags!
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