Quality Control

As you prepare your items, please check for the following:


  • stains
  • broken zippers
  • missing buttons
  • excessive wear
  • odors of any kind (example:  musty smell from being in storage, smoke, etc.)
  • working batteriers (all battery operated items have working batteries to insure proper operation)
  • missing pieces (example:  put puzzle together, count game pieces, put building sets together, etc.)
  • Correct DVD with case... also check for scratches
  • Do not write ANYTHING on your tags (this includes whiting out information)
  • Appropriate size hangers (child size 5 and smaller MUST be on a child size hanger)
  • You get the picture!  You are putting the work into preparing your items, and this will help insure your items make it onto the sales floor!


In addition, please remember to check the Consumer Product Safety Commission website for recalled items at, www.cpsc.gov


After picking up your unsold items, you may noticed a few tags with a red “X” marked on them.  The red “X” means the item was pulled for quality control.   


Thank you in advance for helping us with this.  Having gently used, great quality stuff, will only help everyone sell more and keep buyers coming back sale after sale!  

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