Transfer Your Items

As a Seller, you have the opportunity to sell your items at one or more of The Big Red Wagon sales. You've already put the time into entering and tagging all your items, why not transfer your unsold items to anther one of our sales? 


After your first sale of the sale season, you pick up your unsold items during the designated pick up time, and drop them off at the next sale without re-entering the items that did not sell.  Transfering items is season specific.  You will not be able to transfer items between seasons.   As a seller, if you would like to participate in this program, there are a few things you will need to know. 


1. You will need to register as a seller at all of the sales locations where you would like to sell.  Registration will most likely open at different times!  

2. DO NOT (repeat...DO NOT.  Now say it with us...DO NOT) enter any items into the second sale account before you transfer your items.  If you do enter items before transferring, you will need to retag your items.

3. You must have the same seller number for each sale. 

4. If you would like your seller fee reduced or waived, you will need to schedule volunteer shifts or at each sale.

5. Do not select the “Donate” option (unless there are select items you would like to donate).

6. Once the first sale is over, you will need to transfer your items to the next sale you would like to participate in through your seller account.  We will email detailed instructions on how  to do this after the sale once you are able to transfer.  Again, DO NOT enter any items into your account before your transfer is complete.  PLEASE NOTE:  It takes about 5 days after each sale before you will receive the transfer instructions. 



1. If you want to make any changes to your tags (ex:  you want to change a price, make something part of the 1/2 price sale, donate your items after the sale, etc.), you will need to reprint your tags and retag your items.  The good news is you do not have to reenter everything and these changes can be made fairly quickly.

2. If you enter items into your account before the transfer is complete, you will have to retag all of your items.

3. Once the transfer is complete, check your tags and make sure the item numbers match.  If they do not match, you will need to retag


If you have any questions or would like for us to do the transfer for you, please feel the sale owner and they will be happy to help you!

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