How is this different from the sales where you rent a table and sell your items?

The Big Red Wagon Kids' and Maternity Consignment Sale is very different!  You register as a Seller, prepare your stuff, price it, tag it, drop if off and wait for your check.  THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO IT!!!  You do not have to spend your time sitting at a table selling your items.  The sales floor is organized with racks of hanging clothes, a toy area, baby area, maternity area, children's furniture area, etc... much like you would see in a department store.


How often so you have sales?

There are a miminum of 2 sales per year at each sale location with at least one in the spring and one in the fall.


After the sale how do I find all my items?

When you return to pick up any unsold items, they will be sorted by Seller number.  You will not have to sort through any piles to find your items!!  Make sure to bring laundry baskets or bins to carry your unsold items back to your car.


Can I bring my kids while I work my volunteer shift?

For safety reasons, children are not allowed during Volunteer shifts.


Can my husband volunteer for me?

Absolutely!  Set up and tear down shifts are especially great for husbands!!


Can I hand write my tags?

No!!  All items must be logged in to your Seller account. This will allow you to print all of your tags with barcodes.  We will be using barcode scanners at checkout so Sellers will be able to track every item that sold, did not sell, what sold at half price, and what was donated.


Can I sell at more than one sale location?

Absolutely!  You can enter your items one tine and sell your stuff at all The Big Red Wagon sales during the same sale season.


Can I use department store hangers with the clips to hang my clothes?

We have found that the clips on this type of hanger are not very reliable.  The clips break easily and clothing tends to fall as shoppers are going though the racks. We recommend pinning all pants, shorts and skirts to the hanger to prevent the items from falling on the floor during the sale.


Do I need to be present for the entire sale?

Not at all!  Many Sellers come back to shop at the sale to find great bargains. However, you are not required to attend the sale.


Does my child need a wristband to attend the preview sale?

No, children do not need a wristband to attend the preview sale.


How can I become a seller?

To become a Seller, first select the sale location you would like to participate in.  Once seller registration is open, you will be able to create your Seller account and begin entering your items.


How can I become a volunteer?

There are 2 ways to register to be a volunteer,  If you are a Seller, register through your seller account.  If you are not a Seller but just want to volunteer, you can register through the "Volunteer Registration" button.  You can find this on the sale specific pages.  Please note:  If you are not a seller, your volunteer shift must take place prior to the Preview Sale if you plan to attend.  Volunteer registration for non-sellers will open about 2 weeks before the sale date.  Spaces will be limited.


How do I check for recalled items?

To insure the items you are brining to the sale have not been recalled, see Recall & Safety Info.


How do I participate in the half priced sale?

As you are entering in each item into your Seller account, you will be asked if you would like for this item to be sold at half price.  If you check yes, it will be sold for half price during the half price sale.  If you do not check yes, we will leave it on the sales floor to be sold at full price.  Please note:  Do not write anything on the tags.  Our scanners will not pick up this information.  If you forget to check the half price box, you will need to edit your item(s) in your seller account and reprint your tag(s).


How long will it take to drop off my items?

Depending on how many items you have, it could take anywhere from 25-35 minutes.


How should I price my items?

See Pricing Your Items.


How will I know what sold?

We will be using barcode scanners at checkout so Sellers will be able to track every item that sold, did not sell, and what sold at half price each evening of the sale.


If I forget to check half price or donate when entering my items into my account, can I just hand write on my tags?

No.  The scanners at check out will not read hand written information and the computers are not set up to allow us to override this information.  If there is hand writing on the tags, we will not be able to accept those items at check in.


Should I iron my clothes?

Wrinkles clothes do not sell well!  We will likely send them home with you if they are extremely wrinkled.  Please do what is necessary to make your clothes look clean and nice.  The better they look, the better they sell, the more money you make!!


What if I want to donate my items?

No problem!! We will handle the donation on your behalf.  We will send you an itemized list of all the items you donated along with a donation letter from the charity we are working with for your tax purposes.


What type of hangers should I use?

Use plastic or wire coated hangers of appropriate size.  All infant and child size clothing size 5 and smaller MUST be placed on a child size hanger.


When will I be paid?

The checks will be mailed within 5 business days after the sale is complete.


Will I get my hangers back after the sale?

We do not remove hangers at checkout.  Therefore, you will not receive hangers back from your items that have sold.


Are Items Guaranteed if lost?

No items are not guaranteed if lost.  The seller holds harmless The Big Red Wagon and all affiliates if items become misplaced or lost.

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