What's New at the Cleveland West Sale

  1. Consignment percentages have increased.   You can now earn anywhere from the base 65% to  80%.  That's right 65% without even volunteering!  Here is a new breakdown of percentages:

65%-Base percentage without volunteering

70%-Volunteer either 1 Prime shift or 2 Basic Shifts

75%-Volunteer 2 Prime shifts or 1 Prime shift and 2 Basic Shifts

80%-*Must have a qualified referral plus Volunteer 2 Prime Shifts or

*Have a qualified referral plus volunteer 1 Prime shift and 2 Basic Shifts

*A qualified referral must bring at least 50 items or a total value of $150 or more to the sale.


  2.   We have extended shopping hours on Saturday… In addition to our long days on Thursday & Friday, Saturday will also now have a longer day!  Our sale will now be open until 5pm on Saturday!


  1. Take advantage of our new Taxi Tagging Service:  Want to be a seller but just don’t have the time?  The Big Red Wagon now has the answer!  Here at the Big Red Wagon we now offer an awesome way to Clean out to Cash in.  Our new Taxi Tagging service.  How does it work?  Well gather all of your items your children have outgrown or no longer play with and schedule an appointment through our sign-up registration!  There is limited availability so make sure to schedule an appointment early.  Once you have registered for a time you will drop your items off at the designated drop-off location and we handle the rest!  We will enter, tag and provide all of the supplies necessary to get your items ready for the sale!  Once we have finished tagging your items we will contact you and you can come back pick-up your items and then you will be able to transport them to our event and start earning all of that extra cash!  Not to mention you will also receive 2 preview sale wristbands and ½ price Saturday wristbands as well!  How much will you earn?  The base you earn is 40%, however, you can earn up to 50% if you choose to volunteer the week of the event!  Here is a chart:
Percentage Earned

Basic and/or Prime

Volunteer Shift

Preview Sale Wristbands
40% 0 Seller
45% 1 Basic Shift Volunteer

1 Prime Shift or

2 Basic Shifts


*Also note there is a 300 item limit for the Taxi Tagging service so pick your best items J

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