What's New at the Cleveland West Sale

  1. Consignment percentages have increased.   You can now earn anywhere from the base 65% to  80%.  That's right 65% without even volunteering!  Here is a new breakdown of percentages:

65%-Base percentage without volunteering

70%-Volunteer either 1 Prime shift or 2 Basic Shifts

75%-Volunteer 2 Prime shifts or 1 Prime shift and 2 Basic Shifts

80%-*Must have a qualified referral plus Volunteer 2 Prime Shifts or

*Have a qualified referral plus volunteer 1 Prime shift and 2 Basic Shifts

*A qualified referral must bring at least 50 items or a total value of $150 or more to the sale.


  2.   We have added an extra shopping day on Sunday… Our sale will now be open on Sunday of Sale week for a full day of Shopping.  The Sunday sale will now be the Half Price Day, where many items will be half priced on Sunday's!

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